8 Best email marketing services for eCommerce

8 Best email marketing services for eCommerce
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Do you know what email marketing services are? If I ask you, I am sure you are going to say YES. But have you ever thought of how it works? And are you still using the same marketing service to create email marketing campaigns? If yes, then its time to switch your email marketing services. It is evident that you still want to take your business to the next level. And Email Marketing Services can help you to do so. This blog will help you to choose the right email marketing service.
The value of email marketing cannot be written in words. More often than not, it is the most effective and lowest-cost marketing strategy. An eCommerce store owner faces the difficult task of choosing the best email marketing services. In this blog, we are listing down the top 8 email marketing services for eCommerce stores.


Klaviyo is the worlds most powerful email marketing platform for e-commerce companies. It replaces your wholesale email platform with a smarter, easier-to-use, and more powerful solution for your team. With Klaviyo, your e-commerce data comes to life and you can make smarter business decisions. Optimize your customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty with the worlds leading e-commerce platform. Pricing: Starts at $25/month for up to 500 subscribers and 3,000 emails.


AWeber is one of the best e-mail marketing services for any size business. AWeber delivers the best email marketing campaigns, from simple newsletters to complex e-commerce-fueled e-mails. With AWeber, you can manage every aspect of your e-mail marketing campaign, from creating and sending your message, to getting insights into your contacts behavior. No need to spend hours coding or writing HTML, AWebers simple drag-and-drop email editor enables you to create beautiful e-mails with ease. You can even create and send e-mails without ever leaving your inbox. AWeber is a popular e-mail marketing software that allows you to create beautiful, professional-looking e-mails, manage subscribers and leads, and send them to your contacts. AWeber is one of the most popular and affordable email marketing services. It is a US-based company that has been in business for over 16 years. It has more than 350,000 users, and more than 20 million users have sent an e-mail through AWeber.


Founded in 2013, Conversio is the most recent and best email marketing service for eCommerce stores. It offers the highest quality native email marketing features, all while letting you keep your data, emails, and contacts. Its easy to integrate with your favorite eCommerce platforms and can also be used to send newsletters, manage your team and automate your marketing.
Conversio is a conversational commerce platform that helps e-commerce stores achieve a consistent, personalized experience with shoppers. The Conversio platform helps e-commerce stores send the right content to their customers at the right time. It also integrates with existing e-commerce and marketing software to give e-commerce stores a seamless experience. Conversio is different from other email marketing services because it offers a conversational experience. Conversio helps e-commerce stores provide a personalized experience for their customers. It is a single platform that helps e-commerce stores with messaging, e-mail, marketing, and analytics. Its a smart marketing assistant that automatically creates and sends personalized emails, text messages, and more through e-mail and SMS.


Rare.io is a full-service email marketing platform for eCommerce stores. It is one of the rarest email marketing services that offer the ability to match email content to the repurchase intent of your customers. With Rare.io, you can send relevant product recommendations and offers based on real-time data, for higher ROI. It also comes with a feature called Email Automation which is a set of pre-defined rules that you can use to send automated emails to your customers according to the behavior they exhibit on your website or the products they purchase. With this feature, you can send automated welcome emails to your new customers; automated cart abandonment emails to your customers who abandoned their carts; automated order confirmation emails to customers who made a purchase, etc. In addition, it offers an in-app feature called Webhooks that lets you send data to your email marketing platform through HTTP requests. This can be used to sync your eCommerce stores data to the platform, such as when a new product is added, or when a customer makes a purchase. This way, you can update your email marketing platform with relevant content.


HubSpot is a company that provides marketing and sales software for companies. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. HubSpot provides software for inbound marketing, sales, marketing research, blogging, customer interaction, and analytics. The company also hosts industry events, such as the annual INBOUND conference. The company also provides software for email marketing.

Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is a great email marketing solution for small and mid-size e-commerce stores. It is designed to be easy to use and highly functional. The drag-and-drop email editor is a pleasure to use. You can create automatic emails and engage personalized messages. The app provides a number of options for email marketing, like drip campaigns, abandoned cart emails, automated welcome emails, and more. To sweeten the deal, it is also very affordable.


MailChimp is a leading email marketing service provider used by more than 8 million users from around the globe. It is a cost-effective marketing channel that helps you reach out to your customers and engage them with personalized emails. You can create and send professional emails through MailChimps easy-to-use email editor. It allows you to create and design emails with a wide range of templates. You can also create your own custom templates and use various content blocks to personalize the look of your email. The email templates can be easily customized to match the design and feel of your brand. The drag-and-drop interface lets you create a highly personalized email with a few clicks.


Keap is a real-time email marketing service aimed at the e-commerce industry. It is a platform that offers both a free and paid solution to e-commerce stores. The paid version provides users with a number of features that are useful for eCommerce stores including scheduled sends, an autoresponder series, and the ability to sync with Shopify. Keap is also a great option for those who want to send e-mail newsletters without having to send them directly from their e-commerce store. The main benefit of this is that it allows you to have more control over your e-mail marketing.

Conclusion: If youre looking to grow your eCommerce store, adding new leads to your mailing list is a good place to start, and there are many great options for services that help you do just that.n: The best Email marketing services for eCommerce stores will enable you to capitalize on the huge potential for customer acquisition through email. If you are an e-commerce startup and are looking for email marketing software, we will help you better

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