Anti-imperialist writings Audiobook Download Free

Anti-imperialist writings, by Mark Twain. Read by John Greenman.

This audiobook is a collection of Mark Twain’s anti-imperialist writings (newspaper articles, interviews, speeches, letters, essays and pamphlets). (Summary by Vineshen Pillay)

01 – Mark Twain Home Again
02 – The Lotos Club Dinner Speech
03 – Introducing Winston Churchill
04 – A Salutation Speech from the Nineteenth Century to the Twentieth
05 – Letter to Rev. Joseph H. Twitchell dated 29 January 1901 
06 – To the Person Sitting in Darkness
07 – Training That Pays
08 – To my Missionary Critics
09 – A Defence of General Funston
10 – King Leopold’s Soliloquy, Part 1 
11 – King Leopold’s Soliloquy, Part 2
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