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Choosing Between AI and UI: Navigating Career Paths in Tech


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For two years I did AI at Cisco after that in Artifacia also I did AI. At Microsoft also I learned many things about AI and after going in Microsoft I did proper UI. So, I have seen and understood both the fields. I understand the Pros and Cons of both, and that is why I say why you shouldn’t do AI.

The Barrier of Entry in AI

High Math Requirements
Got a message from Gurmeet that bhaiya in the era of AI, you keep talking about UI. Why should we learn UI? Very first reason barrier to entry is quite high. I asked Gurmeet how much he liked maths. Gurmeet said it’s quite OK, I read for exams. In AI you need PhD level maths, you need to have very good maths if you really want to crack the AI job. And, after that also you get entry-level AI jobs only, so, that is why it’s not that easy to enter into AI.

The Accessibility of UI

Quick Learning and Earning
I’m not only scaring you from maths for studying at PhD level, a lot of patience, time and you should also have the will to study. See, what happens in UI in UI within 50-100 hours, you understand basic UI you can make 1-2 websites of any NGO, of any biryani shop if you’ll make you can also earn some money ₹500, ₹1000, you can also earn ₹2000, ₹4000 easily. I also started like this only, and by starting like this you can learn slowly while earning money when I started doing UI so, in ₹2000 I made the website of a biryani seller.

Automation and AI Jobs

AI Jobs vs. Manual Data Entry Jobs
The second reason why you shouldn’t do AI is because automation will first take AI jobs only. Gurmeet said is it so difficult to get entry-level jobs in AI? I said for now you get entry-level jobs in AI for one minute let’s see Gurmeet in today’s time what are entry-level AI jobs. There is Data Cleaning, Data Mining, Data Engineering, and Future Engineering there are very basic jobs it’s said to be AI but you do that only because Dineesh was doing hot dog, not a hot dog you keep uploading hot dog, and other bad images and will keep telling that this is hot dog this isn’t, in this, there are many jobs. But, beta these aren’t AI jobs these are manual data entry jobs.

The Limited Scope of Entry-Level AI Jobs

Lack of High-Quality AI Projects
What will happen? Wait for a second what will happen I’ll tell you with time all this data which is, which data set will be automated that will be uploaded and after that, you’ll not need these things. So, you’ll need not to make such low-level APIs and to make high-level APIs or for doing high-level research you’ll have to read a lot.

Pursuing a Career vs. a Job

Difference Between Jobs and Careers
And, see I always say one more thing don’t run after a job run after a career. This job is data cleaning and data mining these are jobs, in this, there is no career. It’s not that today you are able to tag 500 data, so tomorrow you’ll start tagging 2000 your speed will increase not at all. This will always remain job it’s like a BPO thing. By taking an entry-level job in this don’t spoil your career.

Career Opportunities in AI vs. Software Engineering

Comparing the Top 1% in Both Fields
Gurmeet was not going to leave so easily. She said that bhaiya I eagerly want if I read properly if I do everything properly so, will I get a good job? Very heavily I had to say that then also chances are less. I’ll tell why there are fewer because there are very few good AI projects, in India there are very few good AI startups. As many works of AI in Microsoft, Google, and Amazon happen which these FAANG companies happen all those happen outside India. So, you have very few chances that on doing something good also you get a good project, good work in India.

The Hype Around AI

Evaluating the Fastest-Growing Field
So, if your parents have money to teach you in a foreign country and if you want to live in a foreign and work there, maybe there are chances to be less but, there are chances you can get good work there. Gurmeet asked the fourth very interesting thing that bhaiya if there are so many problems so, why so courses of AI being sold? Why so much marketing is happening? Why it is being called the fastest-growing field?

Assessing the Job Market

Understanding Job Growth in AI
See the fastest-growing field or playing with stats Gurmeet is a very easy thing. Yesterday, in AI there were 4 jobs, today there are 8 jobs. So, what you said the number of jobs became 2X. Yesterday, there were 100 jobs in UI today there are 120 jobs so, it only became 1.2X only. So, the meaning of the fastest-growing isn’t that the number of jobs has increased and the number of jobs also not mean that the quality of career has increased.

Comparing UI and AI Development

The Depth of Career Opportunities
See, what types of jobs are present, how many numbers it has focused on absolute numbers, and focus on absolute quality so, you’ll know that there are very few good jobs in AI in India of a good career.

The Ever-Changing Tech Landscape

Tech Fields Are Not Future-Proof
Let me give an example of Microsoft only if Microsoft there were 1000 engineers, in them there were 15 good AI researchers this ratio works 1000:20, of 1000:50 more than this AI researcher even Microsoft doesn’t keep so, leaving the other small companies. Let’s take an example for once have you seen Gmail in that AI comes, in AI it suggests that you complete this sentence like this? Have you seen Spotify in that AI comes it automatically sets the playlist you might have seen many such apps in which AI is


The Role of Engineers in Tech

Adapting to Changing Technologies
It is used we all know very properly. But, think once about the feature of AI 1 or 2 How many features of UI are in it? From opening the app till closing as many buttons you click as many screens change, as much data is loaded as much interaction you have with data who is making all the features? AI or UI.


Choosing the Right Career Path
Understand one more thing in this thing which API of AI is made that predicts one, test predicting one, that which makes the playlist that is made once in UI same thing is made 4 times it’s made once on the desktop app, it’s once iOS app, it’s made once on the Android app, it’s made once on the Web app. So, for using the same features at four places you’ll need four UI engineers versus one AI engineer will be required who has made one API. Give this thing 5 seconds and understand properly which thing has high demand and which thing has high demand depth of career is there is that field go in that field that is why I say go in the UI field. Wait a second tell me in comments that have you also been sold any AI course in college you’re for learning AI, for publishing research papers, for working on AI, and for being pushed.

If yes, tell me in the comments what happened. Gurmeet became a little sad, she said bhaiya Is there no money in AI? See, I don’t agree with this thing. In AI there is money. In AI who is really a top researcher in AI who is a top 1% researcher they earn very good money. Their demand is very high for them Google, and Microsoft are fighting with each other Amazon keeps fighting there is money it can not be denied but, as much AI top 1% has that much money software engineering top 1% also has if that many years, that much efforts, that much dedication you’ll put in software engineering so, you’ll get the same demand and money in that also top 1% in any field you’re.

If you’re top 1%, your demand and your money stay but, again I say every time that don’t play for the top 1% see, how many people are in the top 1% there can be 100 people or 10 people. So, play that game in which there can be 100 people so, that your chances increase. The top 1% cricketer has a lot of money, and the rest 10% what it has they have nothing. After playing Ranji 5% get a government job on the railway what is below that there is nothing. Isn’t it? In software engineering if you’re not top 1% you’re rest 5%, you’re rest 10%, you’re rest 50% then also you have a decent paying job. Versus hot dog, not a hot dog.

See, you take my example only I’m from Bokaro I didn’t have a lot of exposure it’s a small town from there also I didn’t get very good placements but then I entered Microsoft, learned software engineering took a good package of 1cr. Made a good life for myself. For normal people also software engineering can open many doors. I think now Gurmeet lost she asked the last question bhaiya but, everyone says that AI is the future, it has scope in the future. See, one thing my answer is always that in tech there is nothing like the future in tech every 3-4 years one learning cycle comes you have to learn and move forward From 10 years before what was the fame of jQuery, and 5 years before what was the fame of Angular, today everyone is doing React. On that thing, only new things keep developing and you have to learn new things. So, if you think in tech especially in tech if you’ll think that I learn this thing today and twenty years, thirty years, fifty years I don’t have to learn anything so, my friend this can’t happen. Anything isn’t future-proof in tech. Which AI you’ll learn today that after 4 years, 5 years, 10 years will be in any other form. Isn’t it.

It’s not like those people who were doing linear regression in 30 years are today also doing that only. Today they have changed today complete work is happening on the neural network and in neural networks very deep-level work is happening in today’s time. It’s not that AI is the future inside AI also you’ll have to learn in UI also you’ll have to learn, in programming also you’ll have to learn but it is your core engineering skill that becomes timeless. 10 years I started programming, and 10 years I started engineering today also if I have to learn something so, it can take some hours, but some days it doesn’t take more time than that so if in case it happens that all jobs will be of AI only then also remember that more than data tagging there will be your scope because you’ll be a software engineer. One software engineer will always get early chances for entering in these types of jobs because learning will be easy for you. So, then finally I asked Gurmeet What did you learn from this conversation? And, do you know what Gurmeet said she said very good that bhaiya I learned that don’t do AI for now, for a career UI is correct.

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