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Daniel Boone, Backwoodsman

Daniel Boone is celebrated in history and legend as one of the foremost pioneers who opened up the wilderness of Kentucky. Famed for his skills as a hunter, he was once captured and adopted by the Shawnee tribe from which he ultimately escaped. He was active in the militia and fought in several battles of the American Revolution. In later life he became a politician, being elected to Virginia state assembly, and land speculator, eventually settling in Missouri.

This biography is written for youth in a lively and engaging style dramatizing many of the events of Boone’s adventures, from his youth to his final days. – Summary by Larry Wilson

01 – The American Backwoodsman
02 – Hardy Goodfellow
03 – The Young Hunter
04 – The Daring Pioneer
05 – In Fair Kentucky
06 – Hardy’s First Indian
07 – The Capture of Boone
08 – The Hannibal of the West
09 – The Victory of Vincennes
10 – A Feat of Strength
11 – “Big Turtle” 
12 – Diamond Cut Diamond
13 – Boonesborough is Besieged
14 – Kenton’s Story
15 – The Young Scout
16 – The White Squaw
17 – A String of Disasters
18 – “The Bloody Year”
19 – Simon Girty, Renegade
20 – Battle of the Blue Licks
21 – An Old Bird
22 – The Last Hunt
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