Ikigai Book PDF in English

Ikigai Book PDF in English
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THIS BOOK Ikigai Book PDF in English FIRST came into being on a rainy night in Tokyo, when its authors sat together for the first time in one of the citys tiny bars.

We had read each others work but had never met, thanks to the thousands of miles that separate Barcelona from the capital of Japan. Then a mutual acquaintance put us in touch, launching a friendship that led to this project and seems destined to last a lifetime.

  • Ikigai urges individuals to simplify their lives by pursuing what sparks joy for them ― Marie KonMari Kondo
  • I love [this] book… I read it and its bewitched me ever since. Im spellbound
  • A refreshingly simple recipe for happiness… According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai. It means your purpose - the reason you get up in the morning. The thing that fires you up and keeps you busy. Your raison dêtre.
  • Curl up on the sofa with this and enjoy an insight into Japanese culture while picking up some self-care tips you may not have considered before… Ikigai offers an insight into a gentle yet focused way of life built around a sense of purpose
  • Ikigaigently unlocks simple secrets we can all use to live long, meaningful, happy lives. Science-based studies weave beautifully into honest, straight-talking conversations you wont be able to put down. Warm, patient, and kind, this book pulls you gently along your own journey rather than pushing you from behind.

The next time we got together, a year later, we strolled through a park in
downtown Tokyo and ended up talking about trends in Western psychology. specifically, logotherapy, which helps people find their purpose in life. We remarked that Viktor Frankls logotherapy had gone out of fashion among practicing therapists, who favored other psychology schools, though people still search for meaning in what they do and how they live. We ask ourselves things like:

What is the meaning of my life?
Is the point just to live longer, or should I seek a higher purpose? Why do some people know what they want and have a passion for life, while others languish in confusion?

Details About Ikigai Book PDF in English by Héctor García

Novel Title: Ikigai: the Japanese secret to a long and happy life PDF
Author: Héctor García
Genre: Self-Help
Pages: 123
Size: 3 MB

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Ikigai: the Japanese secret to a long and happy life by Héctor García PDF Free Download

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