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Indian Ghost Stories PDF by S.Mukerji


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Indian Ghost Stories PDF: all sorts of ghost stories from my nurse and my father’s conchman, Abdullab, who used to be my constant companion in my childhood, (dear friend, who is no more), as well as from my friends, who are Judges and Magistrates and other responsible servants of Government, and in two senses from Judges of Indian High Courts.

A story told by a nurse or a coachman should not certainly be reproduced in this book. In this book, there are a few of those stories only which are true to the best of the author’s knowledge and belief.

Some of these narratives may, no doubt, savor too much of the nature of a Cock and Bull story, but the reader must remember that “there are more things in heaven and earth, etc.” and that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

The author is responsible for the arrangement of the stories in this volume. Probably they could have been better arranged, but a little thought will make it clear why this particular sequence has been selected.

Details About Indian Ghost Stories PDF by S.Mukerji

Novel Title: Indian Ghost Stories PDF
Author: S.Mukerji
Genre: Horror
Pages: 210
Size: 5 MB

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