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Leda by Aldous Huxley.
Read in English by volunteer readers.

Though he gained recognition for his later essays and novels, Aldous Huxley started his writing career as a poet. Published in 1920, Leda is his fourth compilation of poetry. It begins with the passionate and slightly erotic poem “Leda”, which recalls the love affair between Queen Leda, the mother of Helen of Troy, and her swan, Zeus in disguise. Some short poems follow. The book ends with two long sections. The first, “Beauty,” is a short collection of vignettes where the author reflects on the concept of beauty through an ideal model of physical desire, Helen of Troy. The second, “Soles Occidere et Redire Possunt,” or “Suns Can Set, and Suns Can Rise Again,” is another long poem which reflects a day in the life of John Ridley, a deceased friend of Huxley’s, who was mentally challenged throughout his entire life.. – Summary by Mary Kay

01 – Leda, Part I
02 – Leda, Part II
03 – Leda, Part III
04 – Leda, Part IV
05 – The Birth of God
06 – On Hampstead Heath
07 – Sympathy
08 – Male and Female Created He Them
09 – From the Pillar
10 – Jonah
11 – Variations on a Theme
12 – A Melody of Scarlatti
13 – A Sunset
14 – Life and Art
15 – First Philosopher’s Song
16 – Second Philosopher’s Song
17 – Fifth Philosopher’s Song
18 – Ninth Philosopher’s Song
19 – Morning Scene
20 – Verrey’s
21 – Frascatti’s
22 – Fatigue
23 – The Merry-Go-Round
24 – Back Streets
25 – Last Things
26 – GothicĀ 
27 – Evening Party
28 – Beauty, Parts I-V
29 – Beauty, Parts VI-VIII
30 – Soles Occidere et Redire Possunt, Foreward and Parts I-XI
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