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Moral Story – Happy Rule Maniram


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Hello friends, welcome to today’s moral story, our today’s story is dry rule. This is the story of Maniram who is the ruler of a big clan.

Moral Story – Happy Rule

Maniram Rawal lived in the forest across the river. There was a very big tribe in that forest.

When Maniram became the king of his tribe, the subjects did not even have food to fill their stomachs.

Most of the men and women used to roam here and there hungry. In the fields of that forest neither food grains grew in full quantity nor fruits and vegetables could grow anywhere.

As soon as he became the king, Maniram thought – ‘Irrespective of whether someone has anything else, but everyone should get enough food. It is the duty of the king to take care of the subjects. The king who does not do this, there are loot and riots in his kingdom.

Moral Story - Happy Rule

Moral Story – Happy Rule


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Thinking so, Maniram gathered the hardworking people of his kingdom. Maniram inspired everyone.

After this, everyone together worked hard for many days to clear the barren land of the forest. He dug it a lot and made it fertile by adding manure and water. After this, the crops of mouth, millet, corn etc. were sown.

Maniram did not leave the work of farming only to his fellow workers. He knew that everyone works in their own way, with their own will, but if we want a work to be done as we want, then we have to engage in it.

Along with others, Maniram himself used to work day and night in the care of agriculture, weeding and irrigation. Seeing Zuhiri engaged in this way, her servants were also inspired, they were engaged with body and mind.

The fruit of hard work is always sweet. The better one works, the better his wishes are fulfilled. toiler’s

Even the gods help. this years! It rained a lot. What was it then, all the fields of Maniram blossomed in a few days.

Maniram and his companions were overjoyed to see their efforts being successful. Maniram’s companions thought that all this was the glory of their king.

 Neither did he give much importance to farming, nor did he work that much, nor did all of us get the inspiration to work. Everyone thought that Maniram should be congratulated on this occasion.

On the second day after harvesting the crop and keeping it safe, all his colleagues together organized a festival. Other sections of the forest were also invited on this occasion of joint feast.

  Leaders of Bhil, Kol, Kirat, Shabar, Nag etc. were also present. When he came to know that Maniram had grown crops for the whole year, he was very surprised.

Because till now no such hard working leader had come in that forest who had grown food for more than two months. For the rest of the ten months, if they could find fruits and flowers here and there, they would have eaten, otherwise they would have gone to bed hungry.

All the leaders like Shabar praised Maniram a lot. Gave him many congratulations and best wishes for the progress of the state.

At the end, it was the turn to wish Rani Gullu, the old lady of Kirats, she was very wise, the whole forest used to consult her. Gullu stood up and garlanded Juhiri with flowers and said, ‘Brother! May the bonds of your field be high.’

Saying this she went back to her place.

Like others, he neither praised Maniram nor gave many good wishes. No one could understand the meaning of his words. All the wild castes were looking at each other’s face. Juhiri’s minister got up and asked – ‘Aunt! We could not understand its meaning.

‘It’s a simple matter’ Gullu Kaki started saying – ‘If the bunds of the field are high, then the water will be high in them, if the water is high then the crop will also be high. If the crop is high, everyone’s worries about food will go away. If there is no worry about food, then everyone will be engaged in more schemes for the development of the state, if more works of development are done, then the state will also rise higher.

Everyone was very happy to hear this story of Gullu Kaki. Shabarsinghal started saying – Look! Speaking is also an art. It is wise to say a big thing in few words. Because the power of the one who speaks a lot is destroyed, the effect of his speech also ends.

Maniram folded hands, bowed his head and said to Gullu — ‘Aunt! I will always try this.’

After this everyone ate delicious dishes prepared from the new crop. Then all the guests left happily.

So friends, we get 3 types of education from this moral story…

First of all, the hard work done by everyone working together in complete unity with mutual cooperation brought very good results, that is, there is a lot of power in unity, through which even impossible tasks can be made possible.

The second lesson we get from this moral story is that God definitely rewards the hard work done with honesty.

The third lesson is that in order to inspire others, first one has to put oneself in that work and be successful.

Friends, we keep bringing many more such nautical stories (naitik kahaniya) for you. So that we become a better human being and can play a big role in improving the society as well.

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