Pride and Prejudice Free Audiobook Download

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is the most famous of Jane Austen’s novels, and its opening is one of the most famous lines in English literature – “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Its manuscript was first written between 1796 and 1797, and was initially

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The Count of Monte Cristo Free Audiobook Download

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas.The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. It is often considered, along with The Three Musketeers, as Dumas’s most popular work. The writing of the work was completed in 1844. Like many of his novels, it is expanded from the plot outlines

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The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 10 – 05. May 1899 Free Audiobook Download

The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 10 - 05. May 1899

The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 10 – 05. May 1899 by National Geographic Society. Read in English by Librivox Volunteers. The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol X, May 1899.It includes the following articles: The Redwood Forest of the Pacific Coast, by Henry GannettIs Climatic Aridity Impending on the Pacific Slope? by J. B. LeibergProfessor O. C. Marsh, by

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Bible (YLT) NT 11: Epistle to the Philippians Free Audiobook Download

Bible (YLT) NT 11 Epistle to the Philippians

Epistle to the Philippians by Young’s Literal Translation.Read in English by Tiwo Young used the Textus Receptus (TR) and the Masoretic Text (MT) as the basis for his translation. He wrote in the preface to the first edition, “It has been no part of the Translator’s plan to attempt to form a New Hebrew or Greek Text—he has therefore somewhat

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Two Essays On Military History, Strategy, and Tactics: Mountain Warfare (1909) And Naval Strategy (1917) Free Audiobook Download

Two Essays On Military History, Strategy, and Tactics: Mountain Warfare (1909) And Naval Strategy (1917)

Two Essays On Military History, Strategy, and Tactics: Mountain Warfare (1909) And Naval Strategy (1917) by Various.Read in English by David WalesOne essay (1909) lays out tactics for mountain fighting, focused on British Army experience on the Indian frontier (Afghanistan), penned by a British officer who fought in that conflict, Wilkinson Dent Bird. The other essay (1917) focuses on the

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Lesley Castle (Dramatic Reading) Free Audiobook Download

Lesley Castle (Dramatic Reading)

Lesley Castle is a melodramatic epistolary novelette written by Jane Austen when she was sixteen years old. Although the novels Austen became known for were not published until she was in her thirties, she was an active writer from the age of twelve, frequently composing epistolary works such as Lesley Castle. Austen eventually compiled 29 of her early writings in

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Narraciones inquietantes 2 Descarga gratuita de audiolibros

Narraciones inquietantes 2

Narraciones inquietantes 2 by Various.Read in Spanish by Epachuko Segundo volumen de esta recopilacion de cuentos cortos de terror y desasosiego de grandes autores. En esta ocasión mister Poe y monsieur Maupassant tienen la amabilidad de deleitarnos cada uno con tres historias verdaderamente espeluznantes, en una suerte de duelo de titanes donde sólo puede ganar el lector. Valle Inclán y

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Wind Of The Sea Free Audiobook Download

Wind Of The Sea

Wind Of The Sea by James Whitcomb Riley. This was the Weekly Poetry project for October 31, 2021. Read in English by Amanda Chandler; Anna Goss; Brize C; Bruce Kachuk; czandra; David Lawrence; Darrell Nobles; Garth Burton; Jared Shaw; yourbookvoice; Lee Ann Howlett; Larry Wilson; LeeSalter; Sam Harvey; Tom Milliken and tmwest. James Whitcomb Riley was an American writer, poet,

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Hester: A Story of Contemporary Life, Volume 2 Free Audiobook Download

Hester: A Story of Contemporary Life, Volume 2

Catherine Vernon has a firm hand on her family and on the family business. Her plans for her young protege Edward, whom she loves like a son, are disturbed by the arrival of Hester, a 14-year-old girl who is just as strong willed. The conflict between Catherine and Hester is resolved through their mutual love for Edward. On one level

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Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland Free Audiobook Download

Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland

The American Civil War battle at Antietam, Maryland,(called Sharpsburg by the Confederacy) on 17 September 1862, has been called the bloodiest day of that conflict. Confederate General Lee’s invasion of the North was repulsed, and when the fighting ended, the course of the Civil War had been greatly altered. This victory by the North moved President Abraham Lincoln to issue

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