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The Blue Review, Number 3

The Blue Review was a short lived monthly journal published in London between May and July 1913. The successor to Rhythm, The Blue Review was edited by John Middleton Murry and Katherine Mansfield, but survived only three issues. In addition to poetry and short literary pieces, the review included reviews of theatre, music and the arts and of books recently published in English and French. The third and final issue of the journal included Poetry by Rupert Brooke, short stories by Katherine Mansfield and Gilbert Cannan and a review of Thomas Mann’s ‘Death in Venice’ by D. H. Lawrence. (Summary by Phil Benson) – Summary by Phil Benson

01 – Love by Rupert Brooke
02 – The Busy Heart by Rupert Brooke
03 – Love’s Youth by W. H. Davies
04 – When We Are Old, Are Old by Iolo Aneurin Williams
05 – Sister Barbara by Gilbert Cannan
06 – Daibutsu by Yonu Noguchi
07 – Mr. Bennett, Stendhal and the Modern Novel by John Middleton Murry
08 – Ariadne in Naxos by Edward Dent
09 – Epilogue. Bains Turcs. III by Katherine Mansfield
10 – The Theatre: Masefield and Marie Lloyd by Gilbert Cannan
11 – Book Reviews of ‘The Inside of the Cup’ by Winston Churchill, ‘Isle of Thorns’ by Sheila Kaye-Smith, and ‘Sons and Lovers’ by D. H. Lawrence, by Hugh Walpole
12 – General Literature: Irish Plays and Playwrights, Lady Gregory’s New Comedies, The Joy of the Theatre by Frank Swinnerton
13 – German Books: Thomas Mann by D. H. Lawrence
14 – Italian Books by Sydney Waterlow
15 – The Galleries: Gino Severini by O. Raymond Drey
16 – Music: Beethoven, Elgar, Debussy by W. Denis Browne
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