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The Lost King of Oz

“Princess Ozma has ruled so wisely and happily in the wonderful Land of Oz for so long that most of us have forgotten the strange story of the Lost King of Oz—Ozma’s father. As everyone in Oz knows, the King was transformed from his royal self by Mombi, the wicked old Gilliken witch, and lost his throne and his crown when he, himself, was lost. In this new Oz book the Royal Historian tells how Snip, the little buttonboy, and Pajuka, the great white goose—who had been the lost King’s prime minister in the good old days—set out from the jolly Kingdom of Kimbaloo to find the King and to petition Princess Ozma to punish Mombi for her wicked mischief. Princess Dorothy meets Snip and Pajuka, as she returns from a sudden and curious visit to Hollywood with a funny and friendly moving picture dummy, and the four adventurers are whisked to the Emerald City by Kabumpo, the Elegant Elephant. At the Court of Ozma the Scarecrow and the Wizard of Oz join in the attempt to find the Lost King, and the surprising events that follow make a truly exciting Oz story. After many thrilling attempts, the mystery of the Lost King is magically solved, but you must read for yourself to find out all about it.” – Summary by The author

01 – In Jolly Kimbaloo
02 – Snip’s Great Adventure
03 – King Kinda Jolly Is Sad
04 – In the Purple Forest
05 – The Rolling Hoopers
06 – In Catty Corners
07 – The Magic Pudding
08 – The Mysterious Message
09 – In the Castle of Morrow
10 – Dorothy and the Dummy
11 – A Real Oz Adventure
12 – The Playful Scooters
13 – Snip Meets the Blanks
14 – The Old Tailor’s Story
15 – Kabumpo to the Rescue
16 – Humpy Hailed as King
17 – Mombi’s Magic
18 – Ozma’s Odd Home-Coming
19 – he Wizard Takes a Hand
20 – The Lost King Is Found
21 – The Grand Procession

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