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The Primrose Path

The Primrose Path is an 1875 novel by Bram Stoker. It was the writer’s first novel, published 22 years before Dracula and serialized in five installments in The Shamrock, a weekly Irish magazine, from February 6, 1875 to March 6, 1875.

Jerry O’Sullivan, honest Dublin theatrical carpenter, moves to London, seeking a better job. Against the better judgement of the people surrounding him, Jerry decides to go to the metropolis with his faithful wife Katey. O’Sullivan is hired as head carpenter in a squalid theatre in London, but after several misfortunes he is strongly tempted by and eventually brought down by alcohol. Unjustly suspecting his wife of infidelity, he murders her with a hammer and then cuts his throat with a chisel.

01 – Chapter I: A Happy Home
02 – Chapter II: To and Fro
03 – Chapter III: An Opening
04 – Chapter IV: The New Life
05 – Chapter V: How the New Life Began
06 – Chapter VI: A Summons
07 – Chapter VII: Katey’s Trials
08 – Chapter VIII: Down the Hill
09 – Chapter IX: The Trail of the Serpent
10 – Chapter X: The End of the Journey
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