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Touch and Go

Touch and Go by D. H. Lawrence.
Read in English by LibriVox Volunteers

A man is speaking to a group of colliers in a small mining village. They have decided that they have had enough of the way they are treated and decide to go on strike. A battle of wills ensues. Summary by Michele Eaton

Cast List

Narrator: Scarbo
Gerald: Andrew Gaunce
Voice 1: Kathi M. Walsheck
Mrs Barlow: Diane Castillo
Oliver Turton: KHand
Mr Barlow: Andrew James
Job Arthur: Alan Mapstone
Winifred: Shreya Sethi
Anabel: Jenn Broda
Willie Houghton: Wayne Cooke
Eva: Lily
William the Butler and Collier: David Purdy
Clerks and Voice: Zach Hoyt
Breffitt and Voice: Chuck Williamson
Voices: Michele Eaton

00 – Preface
01 – Act 1 final
02 – Act 2 final
03 – Act 3 final
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